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Highlighted Resources and Training

3 Simple Ways to Prevent a UTI in Elderly WomenWebpage for Assisted Living Providers – Good information but not for general public, healthcare-associated-infections utinon-clinical
5 Contributing Factors to Developing a MRSA UTI in a Nursing HomeArticle on Prevention of MRSA UTI in Nursing Homes; could be clinical or non-clinicalhealthcare-associated-infectionsnon-clinical
Antibiotic Resistance: 5 Things to Know1 Page Infographicantibiotic-resistancenon-clinical
Antibiotics for People with CathetersBasic Information for Patients, , antibiotic-stewardship healthcare-associated-infections uti
Antibiotics for People with Catheters – When They’re Overused – and When They’re NeededWebpage for Consumers, antibiotic-stewardship utigeneral-public
Antibiotics for Urinary Tract Infections in Older People…When you need them – and when you don’t. 2-Page Infographic for Consumers on Need for Antibiotics with UTI, antibiotic-stewardship utigeneral-public
Antibiotics in the Hospital Discussion of antibiotic overuseantibiotic-stewardshipclinical
Back to the Basics to Help Reduce HAIs: Empowering Your Caregivers in the Infection Control Fight8-Page Booklet – Guide for Nursing Staff to Prevent HAIhealthcare-associated-infectionsclinical
Batz Before Interactive Patient Care Log2 Guides for Patients Anticipating Hospitalization – Very detailedhealthcare-associated-infectionsgeneral-public
C.diff Patient Safety Sheet1 Page Infographic on cause and preventionhealthcare-associated-infectionsgeneral-public
Cancer Caregivers – A Chemo Side Effect You Should Know About: NeutropeniaInfographic on Neutropenia and Cancerneutropeniageneral-public
Cancer, Infection and Sepsis Fact Sheet2-page Infographic Designed for Consumers and Could be Used to support Patient Educationsepsisgeneral-public
Cancer, Infection and Sepsis Fact SheetNice 2-page Infographic Designed for Consumers and Could be Used to support Patient Education, , cancer infection-prevention sepsisgeneral-public
Cancer, Infection and Sepsis Fact Sheet sepsisgeneral-public
CDC Clean Hands  Hand Hygiene Videohand-hygienegeneral-public
CDC Doffing Training Video  Video:  Demonstration of Doffing (Removing) Personal Protective Equipmentpersonal-protective-equipment-ppeallied-health-professionals
CDC Infection Control Guidelines: CAUTIInfection Prevention for Catheter-Acquired UTI, infection-prevention utinon-clinical
CDC Injection Safety  Webpage on Safe Injection Practices, injection-practices-and-sharpsallied-health-professionals general-public
CDC Injection Safety: Infection Prevention During Blood Glucose Monitoring and Insulin Administration  Safe Use of Injectablesinfection-preventionallied-health-professionals
CDC One and Only CampaignPublic Health Campaign to eliminate unsafe injections, injection-practices-and-sharpsallied-health-professionals general-public
CDC’s COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations14-Page Recommended Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) practices for routine healthcare delivery during pandemic and when caring for a patient …covidclinical
CDC: An Antibiotic is the Wrong Tool to Treat a VirusOne-Page Infographic on appropriate use of antibiotics and inappropriate for viruses., , antibiotic-stewardshipclinical general-public non-clinical
CDC: Antibiotics Aren’t Always the Answer: Be Antibiotics AwareTri-fold brochure on appropriate use of antibioticsantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Are Antibiotics Needed for My Child’s Runny Nose? Q&A for ParentsOne-Page Infographicantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Be An Antibiotics WhizOn-line Quiz with simple examples regarding appropriate use of antibioticsantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Be Antibiotics Aware: Smart Use, Best CareTri-fold brochure on appropriate use of antibioticsantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Can I Feel Better Without Antibiotics?Super simple one-page infographicantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Do Antibiotics Have Side-Effects?One-Page Infographic citing 1 in 5 ER visits are due to antibiotic reactions (11X17)antibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Do I Really Need Antibiotics?One-Page Infographic highlighting antibiotics are for bacteria, not virus-related illness.antibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Do You Need Antibiotics From Your Dentist?: Be Antibiotics AwareTri-fold brochure on use of antibiotics in dental procedures; potential side-effectsantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Do You Need Antibiotics? 8 Ways to be Antibiotics Aware11X17 Waiting Room Poster – Simple, Clearantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Do You Need Antibiotics? Information about antibiotics for nursing home residents and their familiesTri-fold brochure, information on when antibiotics are indicated and possible side effectsantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Improving Antibiotic Use2-Page Infographicantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Preventing and Treating Bronchitis2 Page Infographic on antibiotic use to treat bronchitisantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Preventing and Treating Ear Infections1 Page – What is it, causes, symptoms, when to seek medical careantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Virus or Bacteria? What’s Got You Sick? Common Infections in Nursing HomesQuick 1 Page Checklist to determine if antibiotics might be needed., antibiotic-stewardship healthcare-associated-infectionsgeneral-public
CDC: Viruses or Bacteria: What’s Got You Sick?Checklist to determine viral or bacterial source of illnessantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: What are Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria?A One Page CDC Fact Sheet on Antibiotic-Resistance Bacteria.antibiotic-resistancegeneral-public
Clinical Practice Guidelines for CDI in Adults and Children:  2017 Update (with partial update in 2021) Recommendations to Improve Diagnosis and Management of Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) in Adults and Childrenhealthcare-associated-infectionsclinical
Compendium of Strategies to prevent HAIs in Acute Care HospitalsBroad article – worth review and editing for information on 6 different HAIs – Catheter Associated UTI, Surgical Site Infection, …healthcare-associated-infectionsnon-clinical
COVID & TB Q&A: The Truth About TBPlain language guidance for general public; developed in UK and available in multiple languages, covid tuberculosisnon-clinical
COVID and TB    Plain language information from Washington State DOH  , covid tuberculosisgeneral-public
COVID-19 and BronchitisPlain language information; not an infographic but could be used as basis for one., bronchitis covidclinical
COVID-19 Real-Time Learning Network  A curated repository of clinical guidance, emerging research, and practice management tools to support clinicians of all backgrounds., covid infection-preventionclinical
COVID-19 Real-Time Learning Network  COVID Resources for Practitionerscovidallied-health-professionals
COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness  Report on COVID Vaccine Effectiveness, covid healthcare-associated-infectionsclinical
Empowered Patient Hospital Guide for Patients and FamiliesIn-depth discussion of patient care and safety while in the hospitalinfection-preventiongeneral-public
Get Ahead of Sepsis. Know the Risks. Spot the Signs. Act Fast1 Page Infographicsepsisgeneral-public
Get Ahead of Sepsis. Know the Risks. Spot the Signs. Act Fast1 Page Infographic, healthcare-associated-infections sepsisgeneral-public
Handwashing Patient Safety SheetInfographichand-hygienegeneral-public
Harwood COVID Trainings for Direct Care Staff and Long-Term Care Staff    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training Series, , covid infection-prevention personal-protective-equipment-ppeallied-health-professionals
How to Read a Disinfectant Label InfographicAn easy to view guide to reading labels for disinfectant products, healthcare-associated-infections infection-prevention
I’ve Survived Sepsis: Now What2-Page Fact Sheet/Infographic, healthcare-associated-infections sepsisgeneral-public
Implementing an Antibiotic Stewardship ProgramJournal Article from Oxford Academic, the infectious diseases Society of America, and the HIV Medicine Association.antibiotic-stewardshipclinical
Infection Prevention and Cancer – set of printed materials for patients and caregiversEducational Materials for Patients and Providers of Cancer Patientscancergeneral-public
Infection Prevention and YouStories and Infographics for Infection Prevention, antibiotic-stewardship infection-preventiongeneral-public
Innovations for Tackling Tuberculosis in the Time of COVIDNational Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, July 22, 2021, 2:25, covid tuberculosisclinical
Institute for Healthcare Improvement: How to Guide: Improving Hand HygieneHand Hygiene Webpagehand-hygieneallied-health-professionals
Invest in Trust  A Guide for Building COVID-19 Vaccine Trust and Increasing Vaccination Rates Among CNAs, covid infection-preventionclinical
It’s Time to Talk About SepsisWebpage Regarding Sepsis – Detailed with Good Links to Related Informationsepsisgeneral-public
It’s Time to Talk About SepsisWebpage Regarding Sepsis – Detailed with Good Links to Related Information, healthcare-associated-infections sepsisgeneral-public
Loeb and McGeer Criteria: A Practical Guide for Use in Long-Term CareCriteria to determine if a patient has an infection, antibiotic-stewardship healthcare-associated-infectionsclinical
Maine CDC Resources for COVID-19List of updates and information collated by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, , , covid infection-preventionallied-health-professionals clinical general-public
Mayo Clinic Consumer Lifestyle – Consumer Health: How Overuse of Antibiotics Has Increased the Number of Medication-Resistant Germs – and What You Can Do to Help Stop this Health ThreatArticle on Antibiotic Overuse intended to be an almost clinical discussion;antibiotic-stewardshipnon-clinical
Mayo Clinic Consumer Lifestyle – Consumer Health: How Overuse of Antibiotics Has Increased the Number of Medication-Resistant Germs – and What You Can Do to Help Stop this Health ThreatArticle on Antibiotic Overuse intended to be an almost clinical discussion;, antibiotic-resistance antibiotic-stewardshipnon-clinical
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Videos:  Proper Home Management of Urinary Catheters  Video 1 of 2Two videos on management of urinary catheters in cancer patients., infection-prevention utinon-clinical
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Videos:  Proper Home Management of Urinary Catheters VIDEO 2Second of two videos on proper home management of urinary catheters, infection-prevention utinon-clinical
Memorial Sloan Kettering Web Page on Proper Home Managment of Urinary CathetersWeb page with Information on Home Management of Urinary Catheters, infection-prevention utinon-clinical
MN Department of Health: PPE for Standard Precautions  Infection Prevention and Patient Safety PPE for Standard Precautions, infection-prevention personal-protective-equipment-ppeallied-health-professionals
MRSA Patient Safety Sheet1 Page Infographic on Cause and Prevention of MRSAinfection-preventiongeneral-public
Myths and Facts About COVID 19 VaccinesInfographic for General Public, covid infection-preventiongeneral-public
NE Public Health Training Center Webinars  Responding to COVID-19:  How do we make sure everyone understands public health information during the time of a crisis?, covidallied-health-professionals clinical
Neutropenia and Risk for Infection: What You Need to KnowInfographic on Neutropenia and Chemo, , cancer healthcare-associated-infections neutropeniageneral-public
NHSN: Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) and Non-Catheter-Associated UTI Events, , antibiotic-stewardship healthcare-associated-infections uti
NIOSH – Home Health Care Workers: How to Prevent Needlestick and Sharps Injuries   2-Page Information Sheet for Home Health Care Workersinfection-preventionnon-clinical
Norovirus Patient Safety SheetInfographic on Norovirus, hand-hygiene infection-preventiongeneral-public
OSHA: Bloodborne Pathogens and Needlestick Prevention  Webpage on Preventing Injuries from Needlesticks and Avoiding Bloodborne Pathogensinfection-preventionclinical
Overuse of Antibiotics – Consumers FAQWebpage for Consumersantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
Personal Protective Equipment in Medical Settings  Personal Protective Equipment – Curated Review of Key Information and Literature, , covid infection-prevention personal-protective-equipment-ppeallied-health-professionals
Pneumonia Fact SheetGood 3-Page Information Sheetpneumoniageneral-public
Practical Strategies for Antibiotic Stewardship in LTCFsASP-Webinar-SFDPH-08.08.2017antibiotic-stewardshipclinical
Predictors of Potentially Suboptimal treatment of urinary tract infections in long-term care facilitiesJournal Article – HJ Journal of Hospital Infection:  ISSN 0195-6701 04/01/2021  Volume 110 Page 114-121, , healthcare-associated-infections infection-prevention uticlinical
Questions and Answers About Tuberculosis24-Page Booklet; available from this link in Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Pashto and Dari (2021)tuberculosisgeneral-public
Reliability of Non localizing Signs and Symptoms as indicators of the presence of infection in nursing home residentsSHEA expert guidance provides a framework to guide practitioners when to evaluate nursing home residents for infection if they exhibit …healthcare-associated-infectionsclinical
Safety Tips for Patients: PneumoniaLink actually brings you to a page with multiple patient safety sheets on a number of topics, healthcare-associated-infections pneumoniageneral-public
Streamlined Evidence-Based RN Tool: Catheter-Associated UTI (CAUTI) Prevention – American Nurse’s AssociationStep-By-Step Instructions for prevention of CAUTI, , healthcare-associated-infections infection-prevention uticlinical
Talking with Patients About COVID-19 VaccinationAn Introduction to Motivational Interviewing for Healthcare Professionals, covid infection-preventionclinical
Tests & Treatments for UTIs in Older People…When you need them – and when you don’t    2-page Infographic for Consumersutigeneral-public
The Progression of a C.Diff Infection  Infographic for General Publichealthcare-associated-infectionsgeneral-public
Thinking Beyond the “Core” Antibiotic Stewardship Interventions: Shifting the onus for appropriate Antibiotic use from Stewardship Teams to Prescribing CliniciansArticle citing need to shift onus of appropriate antibiotic use on the prescribing physiciansantibiotic-stewardshipclinical
Tuberculosis and COVID: FAQsWebsite with Information for Professionals; available in multiple languages; pre-dates vaccine and created in early days of COVID, covid tuberculosisclinical
Tuberculosis Fact Sheets10 Different TB Fact Sheets; Page last reviewed 2016 – Do we want all 10?tuberculosisgeneral-public
Tuberculosos (TB) Facts: You Can Prevent TBThis has been updated to the front page of a TB prevention and treatment website, which has a number of …tuberculosisgeneral-public
Urinary Incontinence ToolkitUsed for initial evaluation of a patient with urinary incontinence.uticlinical
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Event for Long-Term Care Facilities  CDC Guidance and Check List for UTI Events in LTCs, healthcare-associated-infections uticlinical
Urinary Tract Infection and Antibiotic Use  Infographic produced by the Muskie School of Public Health at the University of Southern Maine Print ready to insert …, infection-prevention utigeneral-public
UTI – What You Need to Know to Avoid Your Risks  Infection Prevention and You Infographic (2 pages), infection-prevention utigeneral-public
What To Do If You Are at Higher Risk of Severe Illness from COVID1 Page Infographic – available in Spanish on CDC Website as wellcovidgeneral-public
What To Do If You Have or Suspect You Have COVID2-Page Infographic for General Public – Easy to understandcovidgeneral-public
WHO Fact Sheet: Antibiotic ResistanceHigher level infographic from World Health Organization on antibiotic resistance. Doesn’t fit into any specific category. May consider eliminating this …antibiotic-resistancenon-clinical
World Health Organization (WHO) Immunization Videos  COVID19 and Immunizations – Animations for Social Media, covid infection-preventionallied-health-professionals