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The Infection Prevention Forum has developed a library of  resources for professionals and the public in a variety of topics and settings.  The hope is to have a curated list of documents and websites easily searchable 

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3 Simple Ways to Prevent a UTI in Elderly WomenWebpage for Assisted Living Providers – Good information but not for general public, healthcare-associated-infections utinon-clinical
5 Contributing Factors to Developing a MRSA UTI in a Nursing HomeArticle on Prevention of MRSA UTI in Nursing Homes; could be clinical or non-clinicalhealthcare-associated-infectionsnon-clinical
Antibiotic Resistance: 5 Things to Know1 Page Infographicantibiotic-resistancenon-clinical
Antibiotics for People with CathetersBasic Information for Patients, , antibiotic-stewardship healthcare-associated-infections uti
Antibiotics for People with Catheters – When They’re Overused – and When They’re NeededWebpage for Consumers, antibiotic-stewardship utigeneral-public
Antibiotics for Urinary Tract Infections in Older People…When you need them – and when you don’t. 2-Page Infographic for Consumers on Need for Antibiotics with UTI, antibiotic-stewardship utigeneral-public
Antibiotics in the Hospital Discussion of antibiotic overuseantibiotic-stewardshipclinical
APIC Education Flyers PPE Do’s and Dont’s  How to Properly Wear PPE in Non-Surgical Settings Infographic Posterspersonal-protective-equipment-ppeallied-health-professionals
Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) COVID-19 Resources  Resources for Clinicians, covid infection-preventionclinical
Back to the Basics to Help Reduce HAIs: Empowering Your Caregivers in the Infection Control Fight8-Page Booklet – Guide for Nursing Staff to Prevent HAIhealthcare-associated-infectionsclinical
Batz Before Interactive Patient Care Log2 Guides for Patients Anticipating Hospitalization – Very detailedhealthcare-associated-infectionsgeneral-public
C.diff Patient Safety Sheet1 Page Infographic on cause and preventionhealthcare-associated-infectionsgeneral-public
Cancer Caregivers – A Chemo Side Effect You Should Know About: NeutropeniaInfographic on Neutropenia and Cancerneutropeniageneral-public
Cancer, Infection and Sepsis Fact Sheet2-page Infographic Designed for Consumers and Could be Used to support Patient Educationsepsisgeneral-public
Cancer, Infection and Sepsis Fact SheetNice 2-page Infographic Designed for Consumers and Could be Used to support Patient Education, , cancer infection-prevention sepsisgeneral-public
Cancer, Infection and Sepsis Fact Sheet sepsisgeneral-public
CDC and Infectious Disease Society of America – COVID-19 Real-Time Learning Network  A curated repository of clinical guidance, emerging research, and practice management tools to support clinicians of all backgrounds., covid infection-preventionclinical
CDC Clean Hands  Hand Hygiene Videohand-hygienegeneral-public
CDC Doffing Training Video  Video:  Demonstration of Doffing (Removing) Personal Protective Equipmentpersonal-protective-equipment-ppeallied-health-professionals
CDC Donning Training Video    How to put on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)personal-protective-equipment-ppeallied-health-professionals
CDC Hand Hygiene Recommendations  Hand Washing Protocols, covid infection-preventionallied-health-professionals
CDC Infection Control Guidelines: CAUTIInfection Prevention for Catheter-Acquired UTI, infection-prevention utinon-clinical
CDC Injection Safety  Webpage on Safe Injection Practices, injection-practices-and-sharpsallied-health-professionals general-public
CDC Injection Safety: Infection Prevention During Blood Glucose Monitoring and Insulin Administration  Safe Use of Injectablesinfection-preventionallied-health-professionals
CDC One and Only CampaignPublic Health Campaign to eliminate unsafe injections, injection-practices-and-sharpsallied-health-professionals general-public
CDC Oral Health Information  Safe Injection Practices for Dentistryinfection-preventionclinical
CDC’s COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations14-Page Recommended Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) practices for routine healthcare delivery during pandemic and when caring for a patient …covidclinical
CDC: An Antibiotic is the Wrong Tool to Treat a VirusOne-Page Infographic on appropriate use of antibiotics and inappropriate for viruses., , antibiotic-stewardshipclinical general-public non-clinical
CDC: Antibiotics Aren’t Always the Answer: Be Antibiotics AwareTri-fold brochure on appropriate use of antibioticsantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Are Antibiotics Needed for My Child’s Runny Nose? Q&A for ParentsOne-Page Infographicantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Be An Antibiotics WhizOn-line Quiz with simple examples regarding appropriate use of antibioticsantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Be Antibiotics Aware: Smart Use, Best CareTri-fold brochure on appropriate use of antibioticsantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Can I Feel Better Without Antibiotics?Super simple one-page infographicantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Do Antibiotics Have Side-Effects?One-Page Infographic citing 1 in 5 ER visits are due to antibiotic reactions (11X17)antibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Do I Really Need Antibiotics?One-Page Infographic highlighting antibiotics are for bacteria, not virus-related illness.antibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Do You Need Antibiotics From Your Dentist?: Be Antibiotics AwareTri-fold brochure on use of antibiotics in dental procedures; potential side-effectsantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Do You Need Antibiotics? 8 Ways to be Antibiotics Aware11X17 Waiting Room Poster – Simple, Clearantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Do You Need Antibiotics? Information about antibiotics for nursing home residents and their familiesTri-fold brochure, information on when antibiotics are indicated and possible side effectsantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Improving Antibiotic Use2-Page Infographicantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Preventing and Treating Bronchitis2 Page Infographic on antibiotic use to treat bronchitisantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Preventing and Treating Ear Infections1 Page – What is it, causes, symptoms, when to seek medical careantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: Virus or Bacteria? What’s Got You Sick? Common Infections in Nursing HomesQuick 1 Page Checklist to determine if antibiotics might be needed., antibiotic-stewardship healthcare-associated-infectionsgeneral-public
CDC: Viruses or Bacteria: What’s Got You Sick?Checklist to determine viral or bacterial source of illnessantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
CDC: What are Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria?A One Page CDC Fact Sheet on Antibiotic-Resistance Bacteria.antibiotic-resistancegeneral-public
Clinical Practice Guidelines for CDI in Adults and Children:  2017 Update (with partial update in 2021) Recommendations to Improve Diagnosis and Management of Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) in Adults and Childrenhealthcare-associated-infectionsclinical
Comparison of three current Clostridioides difficile infection guidelines:  ISDA/SHEA, ESCMID, and ACG guidelines Journal Article – Available for Purchase at Link (Springer)healthcare-associated-infectionsclinical
Compendium of Strategies to prevent HAIs in Acute Care HospitalsBroad article – worth review and editing for information on 6 different HAIs – Catheter Associated UTI, Surgical Site Infection, …healthcare-associated-infectionsnon-clinical
COVID & TB Q&A: The Truth About TBPlain language guidance for general public; developed in UK and available in multiple languages, covid tuberculosisnon-clinical
COVID and TB    Plain language information from Washington State DOH  , covid tuberculosisgeneral-public
COVID-19 and BronchitisPlain language information; not an infographic but could be used as basis for one., bronchitis covidclinical
Covid-19 Resources in the Long Term Care Setting (APIC)  Clinical supports and resources to manage COVID cases in LTC, covid infection-preventionclinical
COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness  Report on COVID Vaccine Effectiveness, covid healthcare-associated-infectionsclinical
COVID-19 Vaccines for Long-term Care ResidentsRecommendations and Protocols, covid infection-preventionallied-health-professionals
Empowered Patient Hospital Guide for Patients and FamiliesIn-depth discussion of patient care and safety while in the hospitalinfection-preventiongeneral-public
Evaluation and Management of Penicillin AllergyJournal Articleantibiotic-stewardshipclinical
Get Ahead of Sepsis. Know the Risks. Spot the Signs. Act Fast1 Page Infographicsepsisgeneral-public
Get Ahead of Sepsis. Know the Risks. Spot the Signs. Act Fast1 Page Infographic, healthcare-associated-infections sepsisgeneral-public
Handwashing Patient Safety SheetInfographichand-hygienegeneral-public
Harwood COVID Trainings for Direct Care Staff and Long-Term Care Staff    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training Series, , covid infection-prevention personal-protective-equipment-ppeallied-health-professionals
How to Address COVID-19 Vaccine Information  Assistance in separating myths and facts about COVID-19 vaccine, covid infection-preventionallied-health-professionals
I’ve Survived Sepsis: Now What2-Page Fact Sheet/Infographic, healthcare-associated-infections sepsisgeneral-public
Implementing an Antibiotic Stewardship ProgramJournal Article from Oxford Academic, the infectious diseases Society of America, and the HIV Medicine Association.antibiotic-stewardshipclinical
Infection Prevention and Cancer – set of printed materials for patients and caregiversEducational Materials for Patients and Providers of Cancer Patientscancergeneral-public
Infection Prevention and YouStories and Infographics for Infection Prevention, antibiotic-stewardship infection-preventiongeneral-public
Information for Clinicians About COVID and TBClinical Guidance for collection of samples, etc.tuberculosisclinical
Innovations for Tackling Tuberculosis in the Time of COVIDNational Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, July 22, 2021, 2:25, covid tuberculosisclinical
Institute for Healthcare Improvement: How to Guide: Improving Hand HygieneHand Hygiene Webpagehand-hygieneallied-health-professionals
Invest in Trust  A Guide for Building COVID-19 Vaccine Trust and Increasing Vaccination Rates Among CNAs, covid infection-preventionclinical
IOU Consensus Recommendations for Empirical Therapy of Cystitis in Nursing Home Residents  Journal Article JAGS March 2019 Volume 67, No. 3uticlinical
It’s Time to Talk About SepsisWebpage Regarding Sepsis – Detailed with Good Links to Related Informationsepsisgeneral-public
It’s Time to Talk About SepsisWebpage Regarding Sepsis – Detailed with Good Links to Related Information, healthcare-associated-infections sepsisgeneral-public
Loeb and McGeer Criteria: A Practical Guide for Use in Long-Term CareCriteria to determine if a patient has an infection, antibiotic-stewardship healthcare-associated-infectionsclinical
Maine CDC Resources for COVID-19List of updates and information collated by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, , , covid infection-preventionallied-health-professionals clinical general-public
Maine Health Care Association Coronovirus Resources  COVID Resources for Practitionerscovidallied-health-professionals
Mayo Clinic Consumer Lifestyle – Consumer Health: How Overuse of Antibiotics Has Increased the Number of Medication-Resistant Germs – and What You Can Do to Help Stop this Health ThreatArticle on Antibiotic Overuse intended to be an almost clinical discussion;antibiotic-stewardshipnon-clinical
Mayo Clinic Consumer Lifestyle – Consumer Health: How Overuse of Antibiotics Has Increased the Number of Medication-Resistant Germs – and What You Can Do to Help Stop this Health ThreatArticle on Antibiotic Overuse intended to be an almost clinical discussion;, antibiotic-resistance antibiotic-stewardshipnon-clinical
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Videos:  Proper Home Management of Urinary Catheters  Video 1 of 2Two videos on management of urinary catheters in cancer patients., infection-prevention utinon-clinical
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Videos:  Proper Home Management of Urinary Catheters VIDEO 2Second of two videos on proper home management of urinary catheters, infection-prevention utinon-clinical
Memorial Sloan Kettering Web Page on Proper Home Managment of Urinary CathetersWeb page with Information on Home Management of Urinary Catheters, infection-prevention utinon-clinical
MN Department of Health: PPE for Standard Precautions  Infection Prevention and Patient Safety PPE for Standard Precautions, infection-prevention personal-protective-equipment-ppeallied-health-professionals
MRSA Patient Safety Sheet1 Page Infographic on Cause and Prevention of MRSAinfection-preventiongeneral-public
Myths and Facts About COVID 19 VaccinesInfographic for General Public, covid infection-preventiongeneral-public
National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention – Hand Hygiene posters  Hand Hygiene Posters for posting in public areas and restroomshand-hygienegeneral-public
NE Public Health Training Center Webinars  Responding to COVID-19:  How do we make sure everyone understands public health information during the time of a crisis?, covidallied-health-professionals clinical
Neutropenia and Risk for Infection: What You Need to KnowInfographic on Neutropenia and Chemo, , cancer healthcare-associated-infections neutropeniageneral-public
NHSN: Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) and Non-Catheter-Associated UTI Events, , antibiotic-stewardship healthcare-associated-infections uti
NIOSH – Home Health Care Workers: How to Prevent Needlestick and Sharps Injuries   2-Page Information Sheet for Home Health Care Workersinfection-preventionnon-clinical
Norovirus Patient Safety SheetInfographic on Norovirus, hand-hygiene infection-preventiongeneral-public
OSHA: Bloodborne Pathogens and Needlestick Prevention  Webpage on Preventing Injuries from Needlesticks and Avoiding Bloodborne Pathogensinfection-preventionclinical
Overuse of Antibiotics – Consumers FAQWebpage for Consumersantibiotic-stewardshipgeneral-public
Personal Protective Equipment in Medical Settings  Personal Protective Equipment – Curated Review of Key Information and Literature, , covid infection-prevention personal-protective-equipment-ppeallied-health-professionals
Pneumonia Fact SheetGood 3-Page Information Sheetpneumoniageneral-public
Practical Strategies for Antibiotic Stewardship in LTCFsASP-Webinar-SFDPH-08.08.2017antibiotic-stewardshipclinical
Predictors of Potentially Suboptimal treatment of urinary tract infections in long-term care facilitiesJournal Article – HJ Journal of Hospital Infection:  ISSN 0195-6701 04/01/2021  Volume 110 Page 114-121, , healthcare-associated-infections infection-prevention uticlinical
Questions and Answers About Tuberculosis24-Page Booklet; available from this link in Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Pashto and Dari (2021)tuberculosisgeneral-public
Reliability of Non localizing Signs and Symptoms as indicators of the presence of infection in nursing home residentsSHEA expert guidance provides a framework to guide practitioners when to evaluate nursing home residents for infection if they exhibit …healthcare-associated-infectionsclinical
Safety Tips for Patients: PneumoniaLink actually brings you to a page with multiple patient safety sheets on a number of topics, healthcare-associated-infections pneumoniageneral-public
Streamlined Evidence-Based RN Tool: Catheter-Associated UTI (CAUTI) Prevention – American Nurse’s AssociationStep-By-Step Instructions for prevention of CAUTI, , healthcare-associated-infections infection-prevention uticlinical
Talking with Patients About COVID-19 VaccinationAn Introduction to Motivational Interviewing for Healthcare Professionals, covid infection-preventionclinical
Tests & Treatments for UTIs in Older People…When you need them – and when you don’t    2-page Infographic for Consumersutigeneral-public
The Progression of a C.Diff Infection  Infographic for General Publichealthcare-associated-infectionsgeneral-public
Thinking Beyond the “Core” Antibiotic Stewardship Interventions: Shifting the onus for appropriate Antibiotic use from Stewardship Teams to Prescribing CliniciansArticle citing need to shift onus of appropriate antibiotic use on the prescribing physiciansantibiotic-stewardshipclinical
Tuberculosis and COVID: FAQsWebsite with Information for Professionals; available in multiple languages; pre-dates vaccine and created in early days of COVID, covid tuberculosisclinical
Tuberculosis Fact Sheets10 Different TB Fact Sheets; Page last reviewed 2016 – Do we want all 10?tuberculosisgeneral-public
Tuberculosos (TB) Facts: You Can Prevent TBThis has been updated to the front page of a TB prevention and treatment website, which has a number of …tuberculosisgeneral-public
Urinary Incontinence ToolkitUsed for initial evaluation of a patient with urinary incontinence.uticlinical
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Event for Long-Term Care Facilities  CDC Guidance and Check List for UTI Events in LTCs, healthcare-associated-infections uticlinical
Urinary Tract Infection and Antibiotic Use  Infographic produced by the Muskie School of Public Health at the University of Southern Maine Print ready to insert …, infection-prevention utigeneral-public
UTI – What You Need to Know to Avoid Your Risks  Infection Prevention and You Infographic (2 pages), infection-prevention utigeneral-public
What To Do If You Are at Higher Risk of Severe Illness from COVID1 Page Infographic – available in Spanish on CDC Website as wellcovidgeneral-public
What To Do If You Have or Suspect You Have COVID2-Page Infographic for General Public – Easy to understandcovidgeneral-public
WHO Fact Sheet: Antibiotic ResistanceHigher level infographic from World Health Organization on antibiotic resistance. Doesn’t fit into any specific category. May consider eliminating this …antibiotic-resistancenon-clinical
World Health Organization (WHO) Immunization Videos  COVID19 and Immunizations – Animations for Social Media, covid infection-preventionallied-health-professionals
 Keeping Patients on Dialysis Safe2-Page Infographic for Consumers on Dialysis during COVID, covid healthcare-associated-infectionsgeneral-public